Why Chess?

Chess has been the symbol for intelligence & creativity for centuries. Recently it has been used in the development of artificial intelligence using Machine Algorithm by DeepMind, an AI company acquired by Google. Lets see the benefits Chess provides to all of us.

Bill Gates plays against World Champion Magnus Carlsen in this video, and Gates loses in 9 moves! But see how Gates knows basic rules of chess, he knows the basic opening of moving the pawn in front of his king two squares, he knows to develop his knights before bishops as well as knows castling! When the third richest person in the world has spent time out of his schedule to learn chess, one can’t deny the value it brings to our lives.

It is a common myth that ‘only smart people play chess’, well in fact it’s the other way round. ‘Playing Chess makes you smart’. Here you can watch an interesting TED Talk about it.


  • Improves memory & concentration.
  • Improves IQ & promotes creativity
  • Simulates the growth of dendrites in the brain which enables a faster thought process
  • Develops critical thinking skills, logical reasoning, patience and determination.
  • Improves logical reasoning.

Chess Players

(1000-2000 ELO)

  • Our Course provides a monthly plan as well as instructive material for ambitious players to learn from.
  • In the current atmosphere of the lockdown all over the world, it gives the the much necessary feeling of competition & motivation which will push them to get better.
  • A well rounded course covering all aspects of the game.

Corporate Sector

  • The need of problem solving skills is always in hot demand in the corporate sector. Chess can teach you how to tackle different problems better based on your intuition and improve productivity.
  • It gives you the necessary push to think outside the box and unleash your creativity.
  • One can learn the value of patience, sacrifice and time management.
  • Helps in improving SWOT Analysis(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).

Apart from these, the game has numerous general benefits. From health benefits like assisting in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease to keeping the body & mind fit. At an international tournament just a year prior to July 2020, chess players were monitored and it was found out that one 21-year-old Russian grandmaster, Mikhail Antipov, had burned 560 calories in two hours, which we found out was roughly what Roger Federer would burn in one hour of singles tennis.

According to various studies, chess has been shown to prevent the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Learn a game where you are at equal footing with everyone else regardless of their age, gender, religion, background, occupation, political opinions, language & location. It’s just you and them, and a common element that makes you both smarter.

At ChessAssist you don’t choose from a good and bad choice, you choose between six magnificent courses. Start your improvement journey now.

An aid in brain development. A source of essential chess knowledge. A lesson in problem solving.

Different demands, one solution – ChessAssist

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