Beginner/Unrated Course

From 5 year old kids to working professionals, these self learning courses are meant for all. You will be taught about the board notation, how the pieces move, special moves like ‘en-passant’ and castling. You will learn how to checkmate your opponent with different pieces, tricks that will help you defeat your opponents quickly, and a ton of other stuff, all in a fun way. The material is full of text and visuals, puzzles, quizzes and videos to drive home the concepts. Join now.

301 Hour999 INR

Foundation Course

This course is a compilation of 4 separate courses with 14 hours of material each. It can be done on 1 Hour/day or 2 Hours/day basis. The four courses will cover the topics of -Tactics & Calculation, Openings, Middlegames & Endgames. This is mainly aimed at students who complete the beginner/unrated course and want to learn further.

When we learn a language, we first learn the alphabets. The next task of converting bare alphabets to words is the most complex. Once we understand how to form words, converting them into sentences is not so difficult.

Once a student goes through the beginner course, they learn the ‘alphabets’ of chess – the basic elements. The next task is to put these alphabets into ‘words’, that is to learn what these alphabets mean and how they operate in a practical game.

This course is the most essential one in a player’s learning process as it develops the basic strategic and tactical ideas that will stay with him for a lifetime.

28 / 562 Hours/1Hour1999 INR

Rated Course

1000-1600 ELO

You have started learning the royal game. You have put some time into it with the help of various sources – books, coaches, DVDs and what not. You even have a FIDE rating. This course will help you get to the next level, without stepping out of your home. It will also provide you with the necessary motivation and competition to push yourself to get better. The course will cover all elements – Tactics & Calculation, Middlegame elements, Basic endgames, and some fancy puzzles for the ambitious ones. Join Now.

302 Hours2499 INR

The London System

800-2100 ELO

A complete opening repertoire for White with 1.d4 centered around the London System.

The London System2499 INR


For 1600-2000 ELO

We applaud you for the efforts you have put into your game. You are better than 99% of the people on this planet at this, but I am sure you want to get better and cross 2000 ELO as soon as you can. Our team went through the same path as all of you, and using that experience we have created material for you that will help you to break that 2000 barrier. Why pay thousands of rupees in coaching fees per hour if you can learn for the entire month for almost nothing! Join now.

303 Hours2999

Our Courses use text, visuals, puzzles, quizzes and videos to drive home the concepts in an easy to understand way. We aim to develop a ‘read, analyze & practice’ habit in the user. For our young students some parental supervision is recommended.

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