Day 24(Rated)

“The only good Rook is a working Rook”

Samuel Reshevsky
Topics for today
  • Endgames (2 hours)


Today we are going to delve deeper into the topic of complex rook endgames. We are going to under the essential theoretical positions and also work through some practical examples. We cannot stress how important(and fun!) these positions are and we urge you to pay close attention and practice as much as you can!

I strongly urge you to run through each endgame over a chess board and even practice them against an opponent with both colours.

Rook + connected passed pawns vs Rook

This is usually an easy win for the attacking side.

  1. Rg6(Cutting the opponent king along the 6th rank) Kd5 2. h6 Ke5 3. g5 Kf5 4. Rg7 Ra1 5. h7 Ra3+ 6. Kf2+-

Sometimes in exceptional circumstances the 2 pawns are not enough for a win

Black to play

How should Black approach this position?

Connected pawns on the edge of the board.

When the kings are far away.

What should White play here?

Pawn on the 6th rank

This is one of the single most important theoretical positions in rook endgames and endgames in general. They are easy to understand, and you will face them in your games from both colours.

Black to play

Pawn on the 6th rank on the f file

What is the evaluation of the position with

1. White to move?

  1. Kf8! Ra8+ 2. Re8 Ra6 3. f7 Ra7 4. Rd8 Rb7 5. Ke8+-

2. Black to move?


Kindly take 10 minutes for each puzzle.

  1. Black to play

2. White to play

3. White to play

4. White to play

5. Black plays 1…Rb7+. White to play, find the winning plan. It’s not easy, so take 20 minutes for this puzzle but try to find the solution all the way to a win.

6. Black to play


Extra Puzzles

  1. Black to play and draw.

1…Ra6! 2. e7 Rf6+ 3. Kg7 Rg6+ 4. Kh7 Kf6! =

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