Is the course a one on one coaching concept?

The Course has a different concept, we provide the material for an entire month for you in a structured and self explanatory way. Students can learn during any time of the day, for 30 days, without any day to day interaction from a coach.

How can I enroll?

On the home page, just click on the respective drop down under the register tab based on whether you are from India or outside India.

How long will the course last?

The Course will last 30 days. While the day to day timings are completely up to you, the course must be completed within 30 days.

Is it a video course?

Our courses are not video courses as we aim to spread knowledge across the globe. Often with people’s individual accents, language issues, as well as less flexibility for the user, the video courses often act like movies, where one feels that he is learning a lot, but can barely recall anything a couple of days later. We aim to develop a reading, analyzing & practicing habit in the user and that’s why most of the content is explained with text & visuals. Videos are only used to explain the given concepts with examples.

How is the course learning experience different from my current coach?

There are a few differences. While a face to face coaching experience is slightly better, in the current scenario that is not plausible. And our course makes sure to cover all details and thus it’s not worse than any online coaching you might go for.

Also, personal coaching can cost you hundreds or even thousands of rupees per hour. Our course costs only a few hundred rupees/month. It’s one of the best investments you can make for yourself.

I am rated 1900, is this course beneficial for me?

Indeed! The expert course is meant for players like you where you will be able revise some concepts you would know about and also learn delve deeper into complex topics that will help you improve your play.

I am 60 years old and interested in learning. Is this a course for me?

Ofcourse! The course is meant for all regardless of your age. Join our beginner course today and start learning.

My child knows a bit about chess, has played a few tournaments, which course shall he go for?

If your child doesn’t have a FIDE rating, then ideally he should go for the beginner course. In some circumstances, if you are sure that he understands the basics, you can opt for the Rated(1000-1600) course.

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