Shyamsundar M

Chess has enabled me to travel to various countries, learn many skills and thanks to it I have become a mentally stronger person. It also has helped me in decision making on and off the board.

Surucha Shanbhag

“Chess has definitely made me a composed person. Apart from helping me develop patience, it has also improved my memory and helped me academically.”

Arushi Kotwal

“For me chess is as mysterious as life. Chess has made me mentally and emotionally strong. The most important thing I have learnt is that giving up shouldn’t be an option in any situation on or off the board.”

Arshleen Ahluwalia

“For me, chess is not only a sport but an art of conquering oneself with concentration through self consciousness & creativity. I realized that victory is not in our hands but being move-smart is what we have control over, to take one step at a time towards progress. It taught me that just like life no game can be perfect, but learning from each game is important.”

Arunima Goyal

“As a 22 year old, when I look back at life I see chess as the only constant. The game I started as a hobby made me the state championship, a National level player, it gave me fame, a large number of amazing friends, earned me the outstanding player award of my college and most importantly it made me, me who I am today! It has been a complete roller coaster ride for me, there were ups and there were troughs but you keep going because you know “after the game the pieces go back to their squares.” Lessons Learnt: Grit, Passion, Humility. Do not fear anything, keep your love for whatever you do and stay humble irrespective of win or loss, success or failure.”

Mehak Jain

“Chess has made me a better thinker and planner. I apply the principle of thinking before I move to my overall life in general. I try to plan my path ahead and execute my decisions properly always keeping plan B and C in hand, just in case. The tournament experiences taught me a lot about different people and gave me a chance to understand the diversity and uniqueness in the world. Chess has made me a better person overall.”

Sanjeev Nair

“The game has helped me comprehend things so much more deeply when I’m off the chess board and made me realize how small changes make a significant difference. Dealing with failure, embracing pressure, constant systematic learning: these are few of the many things that Chess has taught me. I’m just grateful to be playing this wonderful game.”

Jasper Jothi

“Chess has taught me patience and to handle my emotions whether I win or I lose. It resemebles life itself, teaching me to love and laugh.”

Manush Shah

“Chess is a game of concentration, focus, alertness and strategy. Chess also helps in studies(i.e grasping power, concentration and patience). As everyone knows patience is the key element to success in life. So all in all chess is a sport which helps you be a better version of yourself .”

Tejaswini Sagar

I started playing chess at the age of 2 years and 10 months and since then Chess has become my life. I have stayed mentally strong thanks to the game and being psychologically prepared helps me to handle any novel situation in my life.

Rajat Pandhi

“Introduced to the game by my grandfather at the age of 10, I was instantly intrigued by the game. From my cousins to my college roommates, I have enjoyed playing with them all. For me, the game has provided me with friendships and camaraderie that will last a life time.”

Saloni Sapale

Chess is more than just a game for me. It has taught me discipline and persistence. It has enhanced my decision making skills and resourcefulness. It has taught me to be alert yet patient and to be tactful yet strategic. But most importantly it has taught me that no matter how aggressive and fierce one is on the board, off the board, one should always be humble.

Sidhant Mohapatra

“Chess has helped me to become more calm as a person and has helped me a lot in my studies as well. I can understand people better and have become more emotionally stable. It has guided me in taking the correct decisions in life- Sometimes if you need to take a calculated risk, you can try to estimate the consequences. In addition, I have made friends all over the world, seen many places and learnt about many cultures.”

Dhanashree Rathi

“It is unbelievable how many lessons playing chess has a taught me in real life . It helped me to face various situations in a calm manner and improved my decision making ability. Chess taught me to fight till the end and also develop a never say die attitude . Chess is really a life changer.”

Jinal Yagnik

“Chess is not only a game of 64 squares it’s a game of life. If you play accurately, you can definitely win the game whosoever be your opponent. Chess has helped me in facing new challenges in my life.”

Ayushi Jaiswal

Chess gave me the skills to analyze my life thoroughly as well as the ability to take better decisions in life. Thanks to chess people starting recognizing me and that also gave me the confidence to pursue my journey from district level tournaments all the way to winning medals at nationals.

Nikhil Kadam

The game of Chess helps me remain independent. As a coach it gives me an opportunity to touch lives and spread happiness. As an enterpreneur it teaches me to win hearts by beautiful moves and help people, creating win-win situations. I compare Chess with Life. My every game today or every new opportunity is a payback to my dad for his hardworking days behind me. Today I love what I do. The game of Chess gives me many lives in a single life and I rise up with joy and laughter each time I fall.

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