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The Best Course For You Is

The Foundation Course

  • Best for students with a FIDE Rating with some need to work on the basics.
  • This course is a compilation of 4 separate courses with 14+ hours of material each. It can be done on 1 Hour/day or 2 Hours/day basis.
  • The four courses will cover the topics of – Tactics & Calculation, Opening, Middlegame & Endgame.
  • A self learning course, do it at the time of your convenience.
  • When we learn a language, we first learn the alphabets. The next task of converting bare alphabets to words is the most complex. Once we understand how to form words, converting them into sentences is not so difficult. Once a student goes through the beginner course, they learn the ‘alphabets’ of chess – the basic elements. The next task is to put these alphabets into ‘words’, that is to learn what these alphabets mean and how they operate in a practical game. This course is the most essential one in a player’s learning process as it develops the basic strategic and tactical ideas that will stay with him for a lifetime.
  • Usually chess coaches can charge upto Rs 1000/hour. You get 60+ Hours of material at just Rs 1999. Join Now!

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