Livaic Leon

Chess has taught me to be more focused and made me realize that to be the best at something you have to give your all. It has also taught me never to trust people blindly and to always double check every important decision.

Neven Tomecak

“I started chess at the age of seven. Having got my first wooden chess set I was taught by my neighbors and they played it according to the “folk rules”. At the age of 11, I went to tournaments and learned the real rules of chess. Later, I started playing chess again at the age of 30. Chess taught me patience, culture, strategic planning and many other principles and analysis of what has been done, which is applicable in other areas of life. For me, chess is a kind of rest and a real relaxation for the psyche and the brain.”

Spiranec Noemi

By playing chess I’ve met a lot of nice people with many of whom I’ve developed strong friendships. Also, because of chess I have learnt that only hard work and determination will bring you results in any aspect of your life.

Petar Bosnjak

“Chess has taught me how to handle defeats in life and that you always must keep going regardless of the previous defeats. Besides that maybe the most important thing I’ve learned from chess is that game ends with a checkmate i.e. you should never celebrate too early.”

Anamarija Radiković

“Chess has taught me that the patterns are the key to understanding everything, from languages to programming. It also taught me that in order to improve, you should study the work of the masters and classics. And that you should always maintain the balance between humbleness and confidence. I love chess because it has became a part of my life, a part of me. It brings out the artistic side of me, the fighter in me, the realist in me, the joyful child in me. Chess brings out the best in me.”

Muha Magdalena

“Chess taught me that everything in life requires effort. If we want to achieve something it is important to be persistent and not to give up. Nothing in life is impossible as long as one knows how to be patient. It also taught me about planning for the future wisely. You should always have a plan and follow it both in chess and in life.”

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