Giorgia Miracola

“For me chess has always been a beautiful & exciting game which has entertained me a lot since the age of 10. My approach in a chess game helped me in my studies and in dealing with problems in the shortest time possible. It is a game in which my shyness disappears and it has taught me to be confident as well as patient which is difficult for me in everyday life. I discovered the love for teaching: I love teaching chess to children. The most important thing for me is that thanks to chess I have been able to meet many people, some of them are great friends that I hope to take with me for a lifetime.”

Merlini, Osvaldo

“I learned to play chess when I was very young. For me it is a sport that teaches mental discipline and therefore serves to understand the basic rules of life. In life you can win and lose but you have to do it loyally. This is why I consider it an irreplaceable teaching.”

 Degregori, Miluska

“Chess is a game that makes you grow as a person. You meet interesting and intelligent people. Chess has turned into a very important thing in my life and I try learn and become better at the sport that I love.”

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