Secheres Adrian-Simion

“Chess had a huge influence throughout the life on my development as a person. This sport is known as an important educational tool because it develops cognitive skills such as analysis, evaluation, understanding, critical thinking, memory and also has an influence on the ethical sense of the individual. Moreover, chess gave me the possibility to travel, to see beautiful places and to meet amazing people.”

Maria Alexandra Ciocan

“I fell in love with chess when I was 7 years old and with every game that I play, I become more and more mesmerized by the beauty of this game. Chess has taught me about self-discipline, patience, perseverance and passion; it has stimulated my intellectual curiosity and has helped me grow and evolve into a well-rounded person. Without chess, I would not have the strength and ambition I have today.”

Denisa Bucur

Playing chess has brought a lot of amazing things into my life. Not only has chess allowed me to visit places from all over the world and meet new people, but it has also developed my ability to focus. Moreover, through chess I became aware of the importance of perseverance and hard work, for which I will be forever grateful.

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