Adela Velikic

“For me, chess started as a way to just have fun but soon it became an important part of my life. Among other things I am most grateful for chess for letting me make a living doing what I love.”

Vujcic, Milena

“Chess has helped me in my pattern recognition abilities.
It has also taught me that hard work always pays off and in turn has taught me to understand the value of every decision I make.”

Marta Dakic

Chess has helped me to be more focused on things that I do and it has taught me to always think, but not to overthink before I do something. Thanks to chess I have better memory and I can remember what I learn at school much easily. I’m also way more determined because of chess as it has taught me how to make better decisions. I also made a lot friends from all over the world, experienced so many cultures, which is amazing. I don’t think that I would’ve traveled that much if I had never played chess.”

Injac, Teodora

“I fell in love with the game at an early age and it helped me improve my memory and patience. Even now it teaches me how time management and quick decision making is important both on and off the board. As a cherry on top, I got to travel a lot and have formed a lot of long lasting relationships.”

Suat Atalik

Well chess is life! Once you get in there is no way back. It makes people think scientifically, to act as a sportsman and develop a sense of aesthetics!

Sasa Jevtic

Although I have not expressed myself that much as a player, my life is mostly dedicated to chess. I met people from all over the world and learned a lot about other cultures and customs. Dealing with chess in several different fields, I realized that chess is not just a game, but really a sport, science and art.

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