Petra Kejzar

“For me, chess is at first a source of entertainment. While playing chess, I learned how to make plans and how to concentrate which is useful in everyday life. I also got a lot of opportunities to travel to different countries and meet many nice people.”

Caterina Leonardi

I started playing chess at a young age. Chess taught me that just like only half of the players get to win in a game, no matter how prepared you are, there is a possibility of losing at something in life. It may be due to a small mistake or just misfortune. But by taking the opportunity you get to learn about your mistakes and learn about how to cope up with the loss. Most of all, you learn how to get up when you fall as well as continue to play and grow stronger.”

Skuhala, Barbara

Chess has given me the opportunity to travel, to meet new people, visit new cities city and interact with different cultures.

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