Sri Lanka

Sachini Ranasinghe

“Chess taught me to have patience in life, appreciate the little things. It mainly gave me courage to handle victory calmly and face defeat gracefully!

Isuru Alakhoon

“Chess has taught me to always compete with myself and not compare my journey with others”

Dilhara Ishini Wickramasinghe

Chess taught me that defeat is also a part of victory. You get to learn a lot from a loss rather than a win and that made me better prepared to make correct decisions about my studies and life.

Akila Kavinda

“For me, effective visualization is the most significant benefit from Chess. By learning the game I improved my decision making skills. Also, my lifestyle became simpler. So, Chess is not only a sport, but also a philosophy.”

I was an ordinary kid until I won my very first tournament. That moment gave me the courage to become the person i am today. Today i’m a doctor, a magician, a sportsman and the list goes on.

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