Olena Martynkova

“I was taught to play chess when I was 8 years old by my father Oleksandr Martynkov, director of the famous A.V.Momot chess club. Chess has cultivated in me personality traits such as hard work, responsibility, willpower, strength of mind and perseverance of character. All these qualities also helped me to get the WIM title and in 2019, I won the bronze medal at the Ukrainian Championship. Thanks to chess I can travel the world, see a lot of beautiful places and meet interesting people.”

Yulia Gerasko

“Chess taught me to think about the consequences of my actions in advance. Also, this game taught me time management and to stay calm even under pressure. Playing chess and participating in tournaments helps to avoid being upset about losing, but to perceive it as an opportunity to become even better. Playing chess online I made a lot of acquaintances and friends from around the world. This game also teaches to respect the opponent regardless of what nationality he is, what gender or age.”

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