Subscriber Tournament


-Subscriber Tournament-

S.No.Section ASection B


Round 1 (Qualifiers)

Date – 29th November, 6pm.
Time – 6 pm
Venue – Club – ChessAssist
Time Control – 1+2
Format – Arena

Duration – 2 Hours

Round 2 (Finals – Top 12)

Date – 30th November
Time – 8pm
Venue – Club – ChessAssist
Time Control – 2+1
Format – Arena/Swiss based on the rating of Finalists.


1st – ChessBase 16 (worth Rs 3715) + ChessAssist Course Subscription (worth upto Rs 1500)
2nd – ChessBase 16
3rd – ChessAssist Subscription
Best Female Prize – ChessAssist Subscription

Lucky Prize – ChessAssist Subscription

Chessbase is the Number 1 tool in the world for chess preparation, used by Professionals and amateurs alike. The newest version, Chessbase 16 was released on Nov 17, 2020.
ChessAssist Courses are a culmination of years of knowledge and practice put into a course for students who wish to learn from the best material available. It is prepared by titled players for students up to the rating of 2000.

Who can play?

  • You need to have a FIDE Rating of less than 1900 and a rating of less than 2000.(The second qualification can be relaxed based on individual cases)
  • Titled players are not allowed
  • If selected in the top 8, you will need to join a zoom call for anti cheating measures.
  • Subscribe to our Youtube channel.
  • Join our club – the venue for the tournament.
  • Any player using unfair means will be immediately disqualified and barred from future tournaments. Each and every game will be thoroughly analyzed for computer assistance or any other unfair means.
  • Recommendation – The Prizes are for chess players who really want to work on their chess skills. If you win, work hard on your game with this new found tool. Just in case you feel that you might not have time to work on your game, do pass on your prize to the next in line. ­čÖé

Player’s List


Qualifiers – 29th Nov 6 pm

Tournament Finale

Finals – 30th Nov 8pm

QualifiedCategory A(9pm)Category B(8pm)

Fine Print

  • The Prizes will be given by email to all winners within one week of completion of the tournament
  • All entries must comply with Youtube community guidelines. Youtube is not a sponsor of the contest and is free of all liabilities.
  • All other normal tournament rules apply.
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