In the previous article we saw a number of ways in which a game of chess could end in a draw. One of the most comical ones however is the classical stalemate. Stalemate occurs when one side’s king is not under check and that side has no legal moves to play. Few examples can beContinue reading “Stalemate”

How a game of chess can end in a draw

Often players are confused about how and when they can claim for a draw. Making a wrong claim can mean gifting your opponent two minutes of time as a penalty, and in time pressure these two minutes can prove fatal. There are 6 ways in which a game can be drawn. Draw by threefold repetitionContinue reading “How a game of chess can end in a draw”

How to set up a Chess Board

The first step to playing this intriguing game is to setup the board correctly. Chess boards are of many types. As a kid you might remember playing on those glass ones, but the best ones are usually wooden or roll up chess boards. These are the ones you would find in professional tournaments as well.Continue reading “How to set up a Chess Board”

Turtle soup and the chess robot

Vladimir Dvorlovich Cup, Moscow In 2014, I was selected to represent India at an invitational tournament for Under 17. The team consisted of three boys and one girl (Visakh, Vignesh, Krishna and I). It was unlike the normal World and Asian events. Never had I played such event before, so everything was surreal for me.Continue reading “Turtle soup and the chess robot”

A leap of faith

My first opportunity ever to travel to Europe for tournaments came in February, 2016. I played two tournaments in France where I crossed 2000 Elo for the first time. I remember flying into Paris along with my friends on the first day and we were greeted by the cold European weather in its element. WeContinue reading “A leap of faith”

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