The Chess Village

We often hear chess has benefits like development of cognitive skills, increased concentration and patience, etc but how often do we hear that chess helps in reducing addiction? The Chess Village is proof. In 1970s, around 50 years back, Marottichal, a secluded village in the Southern Indian state of Kerala, everyone was hooked on alcoholContinue reading “The Chess Village”

Chess in Bollywood

Chess is a symbol of intelligence, a way to signify for a person or brand that they have thought far ahead of their competition. That’s why it’s no wonder that chess has featured directly or indirectly in many movies all across the world. Today we will focus on a few bollywood movies that have usedContinue reading “Chess in Bollywood”

Visualization Training – II

In the first article on this topic we saw how we could visualize an entire chess board in our minds. So what next? Now, we come to the pieces. Piece Annotation King K Queen Q Rook R Bishop B Knight N Pawn – (The pawn has no annotation) From the previous article, we already knowContinue reading “Visualization Training – II”

Unique Chess Sets

Oldest Chess Set– The Lewis Chessmen One of the earliest chess pieces are the Isle of Lewis chess pieces. They were created in the 12th century with Walrus ivory and whale’s teeth. They are also known as the Uig chessmen after the Uig bay island they were discovered at, in March 1831. This hoard containedContinue reading “Unique Chess Sets”

Visualization Training

Until 1954 it was widely believed that a human couldn’t physically run a mile in under 4 minutes. It was just not humanly possible to do that. But everything changed on May 6, 1954 when Roger Bannister broke that myth and clocked a time of 3.59 minutes. Soon after on 21st June, 1954, John LandyContinue reading “Visualization Training”

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