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Introduction to Chess

(Best Seller)

For students new to the game.

30 hours of material

Learn the basics of the game and develop a strong foundation of the principles that can be applied to all phases of life. A fun introduction to the royal game.

Rs 999 Only

The Foundation Course

(Best Seller)

A deeper dive into the principles

60 hours of material

Learn the four components of chess – Opening, Middlegame, Endgame and Tactics. With these principles you will be skilled enough for a FIDE Rating.

Rs 1999 Only

The Rated Course

(Best Seller)

Pump up your Rating

60 hours of material

Learn the skills that will help you increase your rating significantly. A comprehensive course for all round development. For players with ELO < 1600.

Rs 2499 Only

The Expert Course

(Best Seller)

For experienced Rated players

90 hours of material

Learn interesting strategies and complex ideas that will help you push past 2000 ELO.

Rs 2999 Only

Intro to Chess(Short)

(Short Course)

For students new to the game

7 hours of material

Learn the absolute basics of the game in a short period of time that will help you get started.

Rs 499 Only

Corporate Course

battle black board game chess
(Short Course)

For Corporate Professionals

7 Hours of material

Learn the basics of the game as well as how you can apply strategic chess principles at work.

Rs 499 Only

“Easy to understand. Well explained videos and notes. Just completed both the Beginner & Transition course. Eager to start the rated course now. Highly recommended!”


“Did the beginner course, very thoughtfully scheduled to understand the concepts step by step in a fun way. Very well explained, highly recommended.”


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